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Hi, I'm Marissa, the face behind the lens!


I was born and raised in upstate NY and happy to still call it home! I live in a tiny old farmhouse with my two pups Balto, a handsome Siberian Husky and Bailey, a crazy little Beagle Dachshund mix! 

I started my photography journey about 5 years ago when I bought my first camera, which I still use today, a Sony a6000. It took me about a year to actually use it. As I was hiking more and more I  began to bring my camera along for the ride. I would take photos of just about everything and every moment of the hike!

For years I had mainly taken landscape and wildlife photos and then started taking photos of my friends hiking, my pups and my family. Soon I found myself asking my friends if I could do portraits and couples shoots for them. I loved capturing the smiles, laughs, and small intimate moments.


Now I am happy to be able to offer my services to the world and capture authentic moments, people just being themselves and giving my clients high quality images they can cherish for years to come. 

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Tel: 518-926-8403



Based out of Upstate NY and Southern VT

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